Robert Fuchs: Phantasiestücke

7 Fantasy Pieces, Op. 78 Here is a set of unique music by Robert Fuchs. He was largely unknown to me except that I occasionally saw the name as an editor on famous music. He turns out to have composed quite a lot of music however. And I am impressed by it. What I see … Continue reading Robert Fuchs: Phantasiestücke

Learning German…

musical terminology. I began the journey of learning how to speak German (probably about 30 years ago) and I have always gained more in pronunciation than Grammar. I know a decent amount of vocabulary. However, grammar has eluded my understanding for the whole time—excepting the nominative case. Embarking on yet another side project might seem … Continue reading Learning German…

Podcast: Germany in the 19th C. and SPECIAL SERIES

The most recent podcast updates. Hugo Becker and his epitomizing Romantic work entitled Love Scenes, Op. 7 (“Liebesleben”) has enthralled me for some reason. Not least because I felt every bit of the emotion for all six movements when I was courting my wife. It nearly perfectly tells my story in musical imagery. If the … Continue reading Podcast: Germany in the 19th C. and SPECIAL SERIES

“Concert Waltzes” and More

(Listen to Podcast Episode 59) Why isn’t Fitzenhagen’s music known to cellists? I may be completely out of the loop, but I don’t know of anyone who knows about his music either. His set of “Concert Waltzes” for cello quartet are definitely worthy of an occasional performance. I suppose it could be his infamous act … Continue reading “Concert Waltzes” and More