Cello Lessons

Getting lessons–whether a beginner or an advanced player–is one way to move on to the accomplishment of your goal. Many students have I taught as a result of this desire. Much of my student base has been comprised of children who showed an interest and the parents carried out the wish, inkling, or in some cases simply an educational fulfillment that the parents wished for the child.

You may wish to begin lessons by starting out with someone already well established and accomplished in performance. For that reason I am posting a link to the website artist works.

ArtistWorks, Inc

Click on this link to take you to their homepage. I began or re-started my learning with another teacher through this website as a result of my desire to be able to play in various styles outside of Classical music.

Mike Block is the resident cello teacher on this website. Search for cello and his name and info will pop up. He has an active performance career in “The Silk Road Ensemble” and solos many shows where he sings while playing, not to mention a project he calls “Bach in the Bathroom” or BIB, where he records one movement from a suite of J.S. Bach’s for solo cello in the bathroom of some famous music hall he performs in.

Check it out! He is a cool guy. ArtistWorks, Inc


Of course, you are welcome to check out lessons with me. I have been teaching cello for 20 years and have begun teaching some lessons via Skype. If you want, try exchanging 5-minute videos–this omits the need for a really good connection and the frustration of a frozen video chat.

Send me a message to chat, find out more info about me or ask me how my own lessons with Mike are going. I would be happy to field questions from inquisitive minds for those who are curious.