Pieces for the Young Cellist

For some years now I have been keeping an eye out and searching for virtually forgotten or unknown music for cello.

First, it began with the discovery (I learned his name from Concerto No. 4 in cello lessons early on) of Georg Goltermann. I kept wondering only to myself, “ I am learning two movements from concerto no. 4. Where is the second movement? Also, how come no one is showing me concertos 1, 2, or 3? Presumably he wrote those before no. 4!

With the advent of IMSLP came many-an hour spent searching and sifting through composers. Finally I found more works by Goltermann including those concertos numbered 1-3 and the second movement from concerto no. 4.

It is astounding the number of useful works that are ignored. So many performing artists and pedagogues wrote pieces for students and for themselves. Why are they passed over and then summarily forgotten?

It seems that the glut of arrangements consisting solely of works by—and then only the most famous music—have created a vacuum of sorts. We have been trained to reject anything that doesn’t “feel” like it is inspired when compared to the accepted compositional output.

It is not going to be accepted by most, I understand. Especially when put in context of my own poor playing. However, I will continue to do what I can to extend the reach of music that can be utilized by many.