20 Pieces for the Young Cellist

Last Vlog…in the series

Today marks the last of my premiere series “Around the Corner” in vlogs.

The last post in this series also comes from Hugo Schlemueller’s Op. 19. The work is entitled “Allerersten vortragsstueckchen fuer des jungen Cellisten” or “First Pieces for the Young Cellist”.

It is a nice little set of 20 pieces that grow in difficulty. Each one adds some element to make it a gradual increase in difficulty. Starting with open strings and then only the top two — “A” and “D” strings — the young learner finds it fairly simple to learn new technique.

The teacher adds colorful and interesting harmonies that help the student feel as though much is being done. That is, those lone strings sound melodic even though he is playing only two different notes throughout the first piece.

The last piece is quite a jump from the first one. No. 20 is full of varied rhythms and uses all four fingers. It is a lovely piece that is entitled “All’s Well That Ends Well”.

I hope you will stop by my vlog on Youtube to listen.

Vlog # 18 Around the Corner

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