James Hook: 6 Duets for Cello


James Hook 1746-1827

James Hook 1746-1827
    This is James Hook, an English composer and organist. The duets I will write about are his Op. 58 in which there are six duets. (This set of 6 was a common practice in those days. Think of many of J.S. Bach’s works: 6 French Suites, 6 English Suites, 6 Suites for Solo Cello, 6 Brandenburg Concertos, etc.)

     The works in question are really only possible to write about because of the wonderful website, IMSLP. Without it, there would have been zero chance of finding them. J. Hook is a completely unknown composer to me. However, after reading through his Cello Duets Op.58, I have found a delightful set.

     They are not ground-breaking and I am sure there were not meant to be. They sound as though they were meant to delight the player and soothe the audience. By the sounds of them, I would venture to guess that they could have doubled as much for ambient dinner party music as they could for teaching material.

Please go have a listen to me performing both parts of Op.58 No.1 Tempo di menuetto at my Youtube channel.

James Hook Cello Duet Op. 58 Nr. 1 Tempo di Menuetto


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