One More Time

I know I have said this many times already, but I will say it again.

There are so many good pieces for cello that rarely get played!

Yesterday, I was reading a dozen little numbers by August Nölck, Georg Goltermann, and Anton Hegner. Goltermann wrote three sets of Sechs Tonbilder: Opp. 99, 101, and 129. His Op. 99 currently has only the first three in IMSLP. Those three are brilliant little ditties. I plan to record those soon!

Then I pulled up—rather randomly—a Lied (Song) by August Nölck. It is the most charming, melodic tune that I have discovered in a while. This may be an exception and will be a one-off. There is just the one number in that opus. Look for Lied soon as well.

I have been looking for a theme song or opening theme to my videos and this may just be the music. It has all the characteristics I have been thinking about: light, a rather still harmonic rhythm, pleasing notes, tempo—not too slow, not too fast, and some simple variation on the opening figure.

There’s a lot to do and I am hoping that I can spend more time with this project. It could happen. It could happen sooner as well. To send some support my way and help make that possible go to my Patreon. There the lowest donation is a one-time, $1 donation. You could also donate for three consecutive months at $25/month ($75 Total) and receive a nifty mug or T-Shirt with a nice picture of my cello on it.

If financial support is not for you at this time, just take a few minutes to watch some of my videos. Tell your friends who you think would be interested. And click the LIKE button!

Thanks for taking interest in my big project.

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