Nocturnes by Georg Goltermann

Three Nocturnes Recorded, Four Nocturnes entered into MuseScore

Click here to view the recorded Nocturnes (two more coming soon):

My biggest motivator for recording so much Goltermann is how accessible his music is. There is very little—of what I am currently recording—an intermediate level student couldn’t play. These Nocturnes are a prime example of the technical level one must have to play all the pieces I have focused on up to this point.

A second reason for focusing so much on Goltermann’s music is the lovely rising a falling of the melody. However, it is not a wide range generally speaking. That is, the melodic line usually stays in the D-string to Fourth position on the A-string range. If we zoom in even more it can be seen that he spends a good deal of his time in a narrower range still, within the afore-mention range. There are many notes in the open A to fourth position. Here, he writes a lot of melodic content.

A third purpose for coming back to Goltermann so often is all about appreciation. He wrote an incredible amount of music, much of it for cello. 100 pieces is no small feat for a busy teacher and holder of a position of directorship (Frankfurt Stadtstheater).

Bringing attention to and showing my appreciation for his efforts is a significant motivator.

Even now, all these years since learning Concerto No. 4 in G Major, it is funny that not more of his music is learned. Just add one number from his Sechs Tonbilder (Six Tone Pictures) Op. 129 or Op. 101. The “No. 2 Happy Play” for quick shifts and dotted rhythm practice. Or use No. 1 “Religioso” for slower, longer lines of melody to hone the bow control skill.

Keep searching for interesting music. Classical music has lots of good pieces outside of the beautiful and “timeless” masterpieces most of us know and love.

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