Julius Klengel

Most cellists will know several of Klengel’s pieces. Probably everyone (cellists) knows of his Hymnus,Op. 57 for 12 Cellos, although most of us have never played it. Nearly every cellist I know learned scales from or at least had knowledge of his Technical Studies Volume 1. Some students might learn several of his Konzertstücke or the odd character piece. No one that I know has even heard of his Three Easy Sonatinas Op. 47.

These sonatinas are the top of the food chain for good quality music in the student repertory. For something as playable in the first position and musical as these three…how is it that they have been neglected?

It befuddles me to think that Klengel’s works have been pushed out of sight at all. He exhibits a working knowledge of composition on a high level while creating exciting and interesting musical ideas.

Klengel Sonatina in A minor. An excerpt from a livestream I did on Facebook, March 12, 2021