Hugo Schlemüller: Works for Cello and Piano

Recently, regarding music notation, I have entered a spate of short works from Goltermann to Klengel to Schlemüller into MuseScore. After which I saved them as MIDI files in “Wave” format—apparently it is higher quality. (I think I hear a difference.) In this way I have a quick and ready accompanist at the ready and at my beck ‘n call. HA Ha haaa…

Just last week I entered 4 pieces of Schlemüller’s. I had been wishing to play some of his more musically interesting numbers for a while. Included were: Légende, Scherzo, Marsch (Forward March!), and Bauerntanz (Farmer’s Dance [perhaps also could be a ‘Country Dance’]).

None of these are uploaded as of yet. The works are neat, short examples of beginner works. Each one has charm, though I have my favorite. In terms of smooth composing, Légende is the piece which gives me the most satisfaction. After that is Bauerntanz, less for the writing efficacy and more for the country-esque style of it. (It feels very much like a hopping, bowing dance from days of old.)

Next week, I do have a plan to read from a cool little book of biographical sketches—one page each—of cellists from the turn of the 20th century. The book is dated 1903 from Hamburg, Germany.

There is a brief bio of Schlemüller’s there and is tantalizingly informative. (If only I could find more written about him to fill in the gaps and details.)

Be on the look out for a reading from Violincellisten der Gegenwart: In Wort und Bild. (Cellists of the Present: In Word and Picture), Hamburg, 1903.

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