“Forgotten Cello Music”

When I write a blog or post a video I usually get a few dozen view, or fewer, (sometimes more and other times more than I thought possible—like, 80 views or so). I have been wondering, though—and I have never been one to ask others outright—would you do something for me?

Would you do me a favor?

Show me that you have viewed my content. Leave a LIKE or a COMMENT.

That would be really nice to see some comments and likes. I see that I have some visitors but no evidence, from a visitor’s perspective, that anyone has been here.

If you are like me, you prefer not to leave any evidence of your visit unless incredibly moved by the content. (Usually I’d put myself down here but I will refrain.) Even if you don’t relate to my content on a level equal with your expectations I would appreciate any Likes and comments.

A simple, “Hi” or “More Goltermann, please! ;)” would mean a great deal to me. While the comments and likes do nothing for my bottom line, they do boost morale, and after 1 year and 5 months of nearly daily uploads I would like some morale boosters.

There I said it. I asked for something directly. If you read this and think, “I actually do appreciate some of his content, I will leave traces of my viewing.” Please know that I am appreciative and hope to continue improving content so as to make it more desirable to return for more.

All the best in these crazy times. (Hopefully soon behind us.)


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