Coming up…Podcast Episode (#)

The next Episode in my Forgotten Cello Music podcast will be so many episodes uploaded. The whole idea of podcasting has been with me practically since I first heard about the medium. It became an actual goal sometime last year though I had no clue how to go about getting a podcast broadcast out to the public.

When I became aware of I jumped at the chance without thinking twice! And only after having written blog posts on WordPress for dozens (around post #40) of posts I got the notice about the opportunity with

It is hard to believe that I made my very first upload on March 31. Then the first episode was soon after on April 6.

All the planning, selecting, preparing materials, reading, recording the music, editing, and finally uploading keeps me extremely busy. You might be thinking, smugly, that the episodes are merely a quarter of an hour long on average. That is not so long, agreed. But I do thrice the work since I also prepare piano accompaniments before recording cello parts by the featured composer.

Despite the less than polished results I am happy that the podcast is more than an impulse. I have made it to episode 20, soon to be 21. The hours are many and often end up in somewhat of a settling attitude simply because if I continue fiddling with it to make it “just right”, truth be told, I would still be holding Episode 1 in limbo without any podcast to my name. {{Have you ever jumped into something you were not prepared for but did it anyway? That’s me and podcasting (and vlogging).}}

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I digress. The purpose is to play as much of Forgotten Cello Music as I can. And with the added goal of producing a weekly podcast, I have effectively doubled the amount of music I learn and record. You don’t hear or see most of it because those background recordings often do not make it into Vlog form and are utilized only as excerpts as needed per episode.

One Year Review

One of the first

Plans for a podcast Episode and multiple videos looking back on music uploaded in the past year.

Recently I have been re-editing piano parts for some of the past uploads. Now I want to use the improved versions. Besides, Sometimes one needs to reflect and even revisit material already done. One reason is for reminiscing to realize how much one has accomplished. A second reason is for improving upon previous results.

While nothing has been re-recorded as of yet, I have been thinking about a re-issue of select pieces. My hope is to showcase the selections in some way to give you, the listeners, some more reasons to play and listen to music that is not so well known, or, indeed, completely unfamiliar.

Some selections will likely come as a normal video uploads. Others might be designated for more careful attention to quality, while still others might be issued as High Quality Audio only. Video takes much energy away from the sound element and tends to cause me to focus more on the effects—which some listeners tell me is relatively unnecessary, though interesting.

Is there any one selection from the past year, which you think is particularly good? Maybe you would like to hear one number re-recorded with special attention to sonic detail for a high-level listening experience. I have personally chosen Goltermann Sonatina in G and Tonbilder Op.129 so far. These were the original “Forgotten Cello Music” pieces in my project and therefore will remain the stalwarts forever.

Let me hear about your preferences! 🙂

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