Advice to Young Musicians: 3 Points

Robert Schumann wrote a short pamphlet titled Advice to Young Musicians. There are many points regarding musical issues and how to improve. There a number of points regarding the person and how to take care that one develops as a whole. There are also some points that approach an issue from the negative perspective. That is, don’t do such and so, or stay away from this or that.

Recently I read through the list of advice and was on board with the concept. In theory, I am with him even on the negative points though not in practice from a curious player of music who loves to explore many different composers’ music.

After recording the entire pamphlet for my podcast via, I began thinking more about the negative points that Schumann wrote from a “forgotten music” perspective. Not long after publishing the episode (21), the desire to speak my own opinions could not be held back any longer. With that urge the ideas began to pour forth and I wrote it all down for a future episode. Now, that episode (24) has been released.

Click on the Spotify icon to listen to the episode.

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