Cello Maintenance: 2021

Sorely Needed Repair and Upkeep

My cello has always captured my ears from the beginning. It has resonance and beautiful tones that caught my attention when I was trying it out in my search for a professional-grade instrument.

Now this cello has been with me for over 10 years. I have not been so attendant about changing the bridge and sound post when needed. I finally decided to spend the money give my cello some TLC.

It needed a new Bridge, Sound Post, and (little did I know) a Tailpiece. The bow also got a re-hair.

New Things

So far, the sound is as good or even better than before. The ease of playing is right up there. One major change is that of improved intonation.

The strings are slightly set at a wider distance apart. This has made it easier to play chords!

Well, this maintenance was waiting to get done for far too long. Years too long. Stay posted to see how the sound of the cello has made my recording better. (Fingers crossed)

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