Transcribing Musical Scores

Need to transcribe a score? Within my project Forgotten Cello Music, I wear many different hats to accommodate the many roles I fulfill as a one-man show.

I have nearly 20 years of experience with musical notation programs. Five of those years were extensive and intensive stretches using software such as Finale and MuseScore. Currently, and for the past 3 years I have been using the MuseScore to create professionally laid out scores and to produce MIDI accompaniments as well.

Look at the original scanned score. It is fuzzy, somewhat washed out and therefore difficult to read.

Now, look over at the MuseScore photo and finally, the end result set into my word processor. The resulting product is clean and easy to read.

That’s not all. As you can tell, there is text with the music. This is a great example of combining a score with a text making it look as if it were a publication from a publishing house.

This is part of my work as I prepare uploads/recordings for social media. Lots of experience is needed to create professional scores that are neat, clean, and easy to read is.

Next, I will take you through the score of a cello method I began working on (the above photos come from the same). You might be interested to see a video of me looking at various pages from the cello method and the work I’ve already done.

Walk through of Transcribing a Cello Method

The number of scores I have either transcribed, arranged, and composed myself are numerous; somewhere into the thousands after 20 years of using such programs.

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