Cello Arrangements: Saint-Saëns and Beethoven

After some time of playing music alone, I inevitably develop a longing to play with others. (It’d be nice to play on a regular basis with others, too.)


Over the years I have made arrangements for myself and students. In just the time this “Forgotten Cello Music” has been active, my arranging has increased to several per month. Since most of them are meant to be background music serve my podcast it I focus more on the selection. They are mostly put together quickly. The main point is to sound good and be easy to remember what I am playing. (That is, which notes I am playing. —n.b. Arranging always involves making decisions about harmonizing, that is, what notes should be played and what notes could be played.)

Thought Out Arrangements

Never have I made one with the intention of selling until this year. When it came to The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns, it was for the express purpose of arranging for 4 cellos. (I got a little prodding from a listener as well. That is always nice.)

Arrangements are great because you can hear familiar music with different sounds. This is useful and extremely satisfying. The cello quartet version of The Swan has been up for sale on Amazon for most of the year now.

eBook Cover

Another very important reason to arrange music for cello is for selling them. So far, I have only the one arrangement for sale on Amazon. But soon there will be a second.

Minuet: Beethoven’s Little Dittie made into a Cello Duet

Beethoven’s brilliant, little Minuet motivated me to make an arrangement for cello duet. You have seen my post about it. You have heard my performance. Now you will be able to purchase a copy of it to play for yourself (or with a friend.)

These arrangements are meant to be as straightforward as possible. This makes them accessible to most intermediate level cellists. They are also intended to be way to raise a little money for supporting my true passion of 20+ years: Forgotten Cello Music.

It may seem ironic that I am choosing VERY well-known pieces to sell arrangements of, given the nature of my project. As it goes, the chances of selling anything are better with music many people are already familiar with.

The real question perhaps is, WHY? Why buy my arrangements? Cellists like arrangements of all sorts of music. And it is a good excuse to get together with your bass clef reading friends.

On a personal note, these are my artistic expressions prodded. Initially, they came from the desire to produce something unique for my instrument. That in turn was to satisfy either a listener’s wish to hear my arrangements and to engage a student’s musicianship. Only after that process, did I began to have some idea that I might be able to earn some income to support my passion.

Your viewing, reading, listening, LIKEs, and Comments are all appreciated. Some of you may be prepared and willing to take the next step in supporting a creator like me. Either with the purchase of an arrangement of the The Swan or Minuet, or by making a donation. To do so follow the links below. (Or further up the page as well.)

You might also think of a donation as giving me a tip, rather than a donation. Musicians used to get tips out on the street. But now we do that online. 🙂

Click on this PayPal.Me link to send any amount in TIPS.

I hope that I have found a way to give you something in return for your tips.

When you have the arrangements and have practiced them, it would be awesome to hear your playing them.

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