Cello Duet for “Lied Ohne Worte” (Song Without Words)

Who likes a good song? Or, who doesn’t like a good song? It is safe to say that good music (voted by way of sheer number of times played in concerts, recorded, and listened to) is preferred by us all. When it comes to Felix Mendelssohn’s vast output there is much to choose from in terms of beautiful music. Elegant and tasteful are the first two words that come to mind when I hear his music. When he composed this gem titled “Lied Ohne Worte” or “Song Without Words” for cello and piano he certainly nailed the concept. There is not a note, not a rhythm that doesn’t exude and even drip lyricsm and elegance.

I have always liked this particular piece but was not aware that he originally wrote it for Cello rather than arranged it. When I realized that fact, I immediately began learning it. From the start, I had planned on playing it with a pianist, but I wanted to hear the harmonies while I practiced. So, I recorded a simple bass line derived from the piano part. Instantly, it became apparent that this would be my next ARRANGEMENT. It wasn’t but three days later that I had revised the cello 2 part several times and had largely determined to publish it on Sheet Music Plus.

And, here is the link. https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/lied-ohne-worte-song-without-words-digital-sheet-music/22319247

Spread the word that this is an arrangement that was done with the sheer pleasure and expectation that it would be amazing.

Thanks for your support!

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