Episode 52 COUNTERPOINT “Imitation” from Quarenghi’s Cello Method

Episode 52 Counterpoint “Imitation”: Second installment in a four-part series.  ~ 1. Counterpoint: intro. and 5 Species; 2. Imitation; 3. Canon; 4. Fugue

*Thanks to the listener who responded to the Question in Episode 37: Cello in Germany in the 17th Century.

~~The Question in this Episode, #52: How many entries of the Antecedent/Consequent are there in Quarenghi’s composition, Imitation?~~

Guglielmo Quarenghi was a 19th C. Italian cellist, composer, and historian, not to mention a writer of a 600 page Cello Method

What you will encounter in this episode:

  1. A thank you to a listener response to a Q&A.
  2. Recap of  Quarenghi’s bio.
  3. Imitation: definition
  4. Samples of Imitation from Grove’s Dictionary of Music…
  5. Excerpts of Antecedent/Consequent entries in Quarenghi’s composition: Imitation
  6. Playback of complete Contrapuntal composition Imitation, by Quarenghi
  7. Thanks for Listening


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