First Podcast Episode of 2023

The first episode of 2023 is number 57.

It is an introduction to Germany in the 19th Century.

This era and country is one that probably many cellists are familiar with simply by way of music that was chosen as they were in the formative years of cello instruction. As students most will have several pieces to play by those cellist/composers who wrote the bulk of etudes that were once THE featured studies. Those are: Schroeder, Lee, Dotzauer, Kummer, Grützmacher, etc.

Other cellists who wrote many works for students are Goltermann, Klengel, Schlemüller, Romberg, etc.

Listen to the introduction and even go back to listen in on early episodes featuring a number of these German cellists.–Overview-GERMANY-in-the-19th-Century-e1u3lcr

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