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Hi. My name is Aaron. My work is dedicated to the unearthing of neglected and forgotten compositions for cello.

I invite you to come along in the journey with me. Take a little tour of my channel Traveling Cello. There are already a range of works and composers you will be able to discover to find out what they sound like. Get to know Georg Goltermann, August Noelck, Hugo Schlemueller. I also admire great composers and like to include them from time to time as well.

You can view my Youtube Channel by clicking the link below.

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Other ways to support this work is by going to my Patreon. There you can choose a one-time donation and give as little or as much as you wish. There are also pre-determined tiers you can choose from. If it fits your budget, commit to monthly, recurring donations or simply make a one-donation. Then, when it is fitting go back at another time to make another donation.


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Podcast: or Spotify

One way to help without spending any extra is to listen to my podcast.

One really neat feature that Patreon has for supporters is the Merch store. When patrons have donated for three consecutive months at (the lowest available donation) $25 you automatically receive something like a mug or a tote bag.

The merch currently has an awesome photo of my own cello on them, which I have edited. It is a beautiful shot of my cello lying on its side with an artistic view of half of the instrument’s body. Take a look, I think you will like it.

View my Patreon here:

Join me in this adventure to discover and promote neglected compositions for cello. There are so many amazing pieces that have a place in the learning circles of all cello students and concertizing cellists.




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