Early Treatise for “Violoncello”

A Treatise for Violoncello c. 1783 by Broderip & Wilkinson

This cello treatise from the end of the 1700's includes notational examples, exercises for first practice, and musical selections. Some of those selections are directly from the prominent Italian cellist Giacobbe Cervetto, d. 1783. What's more, there are even Folk tunes incorporated into the selections. The end of the treatise includes a short Dictionary of terminology.

Year in Review: 2020

At the beginning of the year—long since forgotten throughout the course if this year—there were plenty of analogies made with the number 2020. Although I certainly do not have 2020 vision in hindsight, perhaps I have slightly sharpened vision. I have also learned a few things along the way about making videos, editing them, and … Continue reading Year in Review: 2020