Year in Review: 2020

At the beginning of the year—long since forgotten throughout the course if this year—there were plenty of analogies made with the number 2020. Although I certainly do not have 2020 vision in hindsight, perhaps I have slightly sharpened vision. I have also learned a few things along the way about making videos, editing them, and … Continue reading Year in Review: 2020

James Hook: 6 Duets for Cello James Hook 1746-1827 James Hook 1746-1827IMSLP    This is James Hook, an English composer and organist. The duets I will write about are his Op. 58 in which there are six duets. (This set of 6 was a common practice in those days. Think of many of J.S. Bach's works: 6 French Suites, 6 English Suites, 6 … Continue reading James Hook: 6 Duets for Cello

Dozens of Opus Numbers!

It is undeniably an addiction. The access and the ease of use. The searching and the thrill of seeing a new composer and the works associated with these composers. Sifting through thousands of musical pieces to discover those hidden gems is enjoyable. There is almost always something new every time I check the website. Nearly … Continue reading Dozens of Opus Numbers!