New Music from the 19th Century

It is likely that at least some students, here and there, are learning lesser-known works. Hopefully, that number grows in the next 5-10 years. All the composers, and many more—all available on IMSLP—that have been mentioned in previous blog posts are worth the time. In a world where we have access to these otherwise unknown … Continue reading New Music from the 19th Century

Pieces for the Young Cellist

For some years now I have been keeping an eye out and searching for virtually forgotten or unknown music for cello. First, it began with the discovery (I learned his name from Concerto No. 4 in cello lessons early on) of Georg Goltermann. I kept wondering only to myself, “ I am learning two movements … Continue reading Pieces for the Young Cellist

Underserved Composers

The brilliant thing about brilliant composers is that most people immediately take to their sound worlds. There is something universally captivating about the way they write music: the melody, harmony, sonority, even they way they use silence. Some composers have less than compelling music yet can be pleasing in its own way. I find that … Continue reading Underserved Composers