Episode 30: 18th Century Italy

18th century Italy was the place for cellists to start out. Since it was the birthplace of the Violoncello it makes sense that so many excellent players came from it as well. Not only is the first Cello Sonata by the earliest known cello virtuoso, “Domenico of the Violoncello”, but by the end of the 18th century we have one the most prolific composers known. He was not only a famous composer but was a cellist as well. Can you guess? A Hint: initials L.B.

Advice to Young Musicians: 3 Points

“Advice to Young Musicians” by R. Schumann. An excellent list of points to guide one in studies. There are some points which I talk about in depth and my opinions in relation to those points. The viewpoint of most serious musicians seems to have made for an environment whereby there is little allowance for unknown or neglected compositions to be explored.