Episode 30: 18th Century Italy

In the section for the late 18th century, The Violoncello and Its History, gives one Italian cellist virtuoso and composer as the first possible writer of a sonata for cello.

This cellist was so good at his instrument that he even came to be known by the sobriquet, Domenico del Violoncello. Altogether, from this performer/composer there 10 works for the cello: 2 Sonatas, 7 Ricercare, and a Canon for two cellos.

In podcast Episode 30 I recorded one Ricercare and the Canon. Do they sound intriguing enough to record all 7 Ricercari?

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The ensuing century would see countless cellists emerge in ITALY. Many of them virtuosi. Many of them composers. From Jacopo Cervetto to Luigi Boccherini, the output is engaging and pleasing. Worth looking up in a professionally recorded platform. (Someday I hope to attain one recording like that. For now it is just mediocre, home jobs for me.)

I hope you will listen in and leave a trace of your visiting my blog and podcast.

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